Why Partial Dentures Are Vital For Your Missing Teeth

December 1, 2020

Traumatic injuries on your mouth, dental extractions, and severe decay may lead to tooth loss, and you need to undergo restorative procedures. Missing one or more teeth may compel you to consider dental prosthetics. Various options can be applied to replace missing teeth, and dental plates ideally serve your needs.

They are custom-made dental appliances that fit in your teeth to provide you with a natural smile and restore your tooth functionalities. They are made of durable and acrylic material that’s friendly to your mouth tissues. Partial Dentures in Scottsdale, AZ restore, retain, and provide stability to your adjacent teeth and ensure your dental structure is intact.

What’s a Denture?

A denture refers to a removable appliance attached to your teeth to replace missing teeth in filling the gaps. The prosthesis provides support to your adjacent teeth and enhances stability. They are used to replace front and back teeth. Dentures are made of different materials, and the dentist near me determines the ideal combination for your teeth. During your appointment, your dental specialist examines the number of remaining teeth. Your treatment is personalized based on your existing dentition and dental structure. Placement of dentures is minimally-invasive, and you need to consult our Scottsdale dentists on the treatment plan before undergoing the procedure.

Why You Need Dentures

There are numerous aspects you need to consider in having dentures. Here are some considerations you need to evaluate in determining whether you are an ideal candidate:

  • Missing multiple teeth may require extensive treatment, and you need to replace them before other complications arise. The prosthesis can be used to replace missing teeth without a complicated dental procedure, and it’s a suitable alternative.
  • Missing teeth exert bite pressure on remaining teeth, and excessive force may hurt your natural teeth. Dentures are vital in ensuring the pressure is evened out.
  • Shifting teeth can lead to malocclusions and misalignment, and you need dental plates to replace missing teeth and prevent shifting of your teeth to the adjacent spaces. The retainers help your natural teeth to retain their right positions.
  • The dental appliances restore your dental aesthetics and boost your confident smile. Your dental structure is fixed, and your dental appeal is regained.
  • Losing several teeth affect your dental structure and affect your facial appearance. Dental plates provide support to the hollow parts and revamp your facial outlook.

Dental plates are flexible and naturally-looking replacements. Your natural teeth and gums’ outlook matches with the retainers and blends in with your adjacent teeth. At Mercado Dental Care, we prefer prosthetic teeth to replace your missing teeth as you await a permanent solution.

How to Take Care of Your Dentures

Dentures can be easily damaged, and our dentists at Mercado Dental Care may recommend you to uphold the following measures to ensure their longevity closely:

  • Brush your dentures regularly to prevent stains and remove plaque
  • Use recommended brushes to clean your dentures. The designed brushes precisely fit your dentures’ shape and are soft-bristled to ensure they don’t destroy your dentures.
  • Uses recommended cleaning solutions while cleaning dentures and avoid highly abrasive agents that can cause damage.
  • Handle your dentures carefully while cleaning them to ensure they accidentally fall. Ensure you rinse them to clean off food particles and utilize a moist brush to clean them.
  • Clean the denture surfaces gently to prevent bending or damages.
  • Undergo dental cleaning by thoroughly brushing your oral tissues with a soft-bristled toothbrush before placing them back on your teeth to remove plaque and stimulate circulation.

Taking care of your prosthesis may require more than regular cleaning. It’s vital to keep it moist and soaked overnight to ensure you maintain oral hygiene. The retainers are fragile, and you need to visit a Scottsdale dentist for repair or replacement. Damaged dentures can irritate your oral tissues, and you need to visit the dentist near you for necessary adjustments.

It’s essential to visit the dentist near you for a dental exam to determine your missing teeth’ ideal option. Partial Dentures in Scottsdale, AZ, can be a suitable solution for your dental, and you need to make an appointment with our specialists. We provide you with unique therapeutic approaches to ensure you restore your confident smile.

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