Which Type of Food to Avoid for Bad Breath?

Which Type of Food to Avoid for Bad Breath?

May 20, 2022

Are you aware of the best-kept secret about garlic and onions causing bad breath? You might think avoiding these foods can help prevent halitosis, the medical term for bad breath. You cut back on garlic and onions but find that your breath continues stinking, making you dig deeper to find the sneaky saboteurs responsible for the condition.

Chronic bad breath is frustrating, especially if you are trying to identify the culprits of the condition. For example, you might have a genetic problem or must be frequently indulging in foods that you think do not cause lousy breath.

This article looks at some foods that are responsible for causing bad breath. However, you can comfortably avoid them, especially when you don’t have a toothbrush around you.

Foods to Avoid to Prevent Bad Breath

Citrus Fruits

The odor-causing bacteria in your mouth love acidic environments. Therefore, if you have plenty of citrus fruits, you encourage lousy breath to remain in your mouth, especially if you are also susceptible to acid reflux. If you must have citrus fruits, ensure that you pop some sugar-free candy after having the fruits to freshen your breath. Emphasize sugar-free candy because the bacteria in your mouth also favor sugar.


If you favor a high protein diet that results in your body producing more ammonia when breaking it down during the digestive process, it might be another reason for the problem you confront. The odor escapes through your mouth, giving out an awful smell. Therefore you must keep track of how many proteins you have and take care not to overdo it. If you don’t have a toothbrush around to balance the scales, you can try eating foods containing zinc to help control plaque and reduce bad breath.


Coffee dries out your mouth by reducing the flow of saliva and allowing the lousy-smelling mouth bacteria to linger longer to cause bad breath. If you want to balance the scales, you must have a glass of water for every cup of coffee because it helps you stay hydrated and works as a cleansing agent to dissolve stinky substances in your mouth.

Canned Fish

Canned fish is the time to oxidize and react to other factors like fresh fish. The fishy odor emanates from a compound in fish called trimethylamines which, unless bound with other liquids, linger in your mouth to produce the unsavory smell. Therefore if you have canned fish regularly, you might become prone to having bad breath.

What Does Dry Mouth Have To Do with Bad Breath?

Dry mouth doesn’t just happen from foods and is a medical condition called xerostomia which also has the potential to cause bad breath. You need saliva to moisten your mouth and neutralize acids produced by plaque that remains on your teeth when you neglect brushing and flossing. When not removed, the dead cells decompose and cause bad breath.

Why Do Poor Habits Cause Bad Breath?

Besides the foods mentioned in this article, your poor dental hygiene habits can also make you a victim of bad breath. When you don’t brush your teeth and floss them, everyday food particles remain in your mouth to promote tooth decay.

When you visit the dentist in Scottsdale, AZ, to treat your dental problems, the dentist, besides providing treatment for the condition affecting you as well detects your lousy breath and recommends a treatment suitable for your situation.

If you have persistent bad breath with an awful taste, the condition might indicate periodontal disease caused by plaque buildup on your teeth. If left untreated, periodontal disease damages your gums and jawbone. Other dental conditions can also cause lousy breath and include yeast infections in the mouth, cavities, and ill-fitting dental appliances.

If you are affected by the condition of bad breath, you must have it evaluated by the Scottsdale dentist, who might recommend you keep a journal of the foods you eat and quit smoking besides having fresh fruits and vegetables instead of meat. However, if the dental office you visit determines your mouth is healthy, they might recommend you to your family doctor or a specialist to determine the source of the odor to help you manage the condition. Your dentist can also recommend over-the-counter products to eliminate bacteria from the mouth, causing lousy breath.

Mercado Dental Care provides an effective remedy if dealing with lousy breath. Call the practice to schedule your appointment for an evaluation today if you are affected by this condition.

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