December 12, 2018

After hearing that they are in need of a root canal treatment, many patients feel a range of emotions. Root canals have a bad name surrounding them since most people feel they bring pain and discomfort. However, they do just the opposite. Our team at Mercado Dental Care in Scottsdale, AZ provides high quality treatments that help to restore function to smiles. Continue reading on to learn what you need to know about root canals and see how our dental office can transform your smile.

How Can A Root Canal Save Your Tooth?

A root canal is the inside chamber of each individual tooth. Inside contains an area known as the pulp. If a tooth becomes infected and reaches the pulp, then a root canal treatment is needed to disinfect the area. They help to prevent the infection from spreading even farther to your bone or bloodstream. Many patients are afraid of the possible pain root canal procedures can bring, but they achieve just the opposite. Pain and discomfort are prevalent with an infected pulp and a root canal treatment helps to alleviate that constant pain.

Understanding Root Canal Treatment

There are several different factors involved in a root canal treatment. If you are in need of one, then your dentist will schedule an appointment only after diagnosing and examining the area. They will administer a local anaesthetic to help avoid any possible pain or discomfort during the procedure. Different dental tools, such as a drill, are used to create a small opening in the tooth. Your dentist will then disinfect and eliminate the infection that is causing the pain. After it is thoroughly cleaned, your Scottsdale dentist will place a temporary restoration on top to seal and protect the area. A follow up appointment will consist of placing a permanent dental crown.

If you are dealing with tooth pain or sensitivity in the Scottsdale area, then we encourage you to contact our Mercado dental clinic to schedule a dental exam. Our dental team can help get to the ‘root’ of your dental problems.

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