What Type of Floss Should You Use?

August 1, 2023

Flossing reaches where the toothbrush cannot. It eradicates the plaque and food bits that result in gum infections, periodontal disease, and cavities. Although the dentist near you says flossing is crucial to overall mouth health, find the best floss for you and use the right method.

Types of Floss

Since there are different types of floss to select from, choosing the appropriate one seems tough. Read on to discover the different types of floss available today.

Floss Threaders

Floss threaders have a soft and woven end that fits comfortably under the dental bridge. They have tiny floss brushes that keep the bridges clean.

Waterpik Flossers

Waterpik flossers use a pressurized water stream to clean along the gum lining and between the teeth. They can easily reach behind the back molars and surround dental appliances like dental bridges or braces.

Flossing Stick

A flossing stick is the most effective flosser when tightly wound onto it.

Vibrating Flosser

Vibrating dental flosser is an electric flosser that uses robust single-line nylon. It produces an oscillating motion, which is ideal for senior adults that find it tough to manipulate the floss using their fingers. Vibrating dental flosser provides a good dental massage to your gums and is also simple to use.

Vibrating dental flossers is much more costly when compared to standard floss options. Also, be alert when using this floss type because it can be hard on the gum lining. Research also shows that electric flossers are as effective and safe as standard floss. Call your local dentist to know more.

Super Floss

A super floss effectively cleans around bridges or braces. It is manufactured from a yarn-like material. Since a super floss comes with hard sections on each end, it withstands the hardships of flossing between complicated areas when wearing bridges or braces.

Thread Floss

Thread floss easily glides in between the teeth. The Scottsdale dentist
Say that it functions in the same way as other dental flosses.

Natural Floss

Natural floss is a floss in glass bottles. It is reusable and has biodegradable packaging. It is the ideal choice if you are environmentally conscious. However, biodegradable floss is floss manufactured and waxed with plant-derived wax.

Unflavored and Flavored Floss

Flavored floss is the perfect choice if you find it difficult to inculcate the habit of flossing in your kids.

Tape Floss

Tape floss or dental tape is an ideal option for people with widely spaced teeth. Unlike traditional floss, it does not break easily and is thick.


PTFE floss easily slides in between the teeth. It is ideal for people with crowded teeth or challenging tooth formation. Call the dentist 85285 to know more about PTFE floss.

Unwaxed and Waxed Floss

Waxed floss has a light wax coating and is manufactured using nylon. It quickly glides via the teeth. Moreover, it doesn’t break or fray fast. Waxed floss is the appropriate choice if you do not have sufficient space between your teeth. The only disadvantage of waxed floss is that wax makes the dental floss a little bit thick.

On the other hand, it easily fits into tight spaces. It also absorbs food bits in a teer way. Moreover, unwaxed floss is manufactured from 35 nylon strands twisted together.

How to Find the Right Floss for You?

Young kids must begin with kid-sized and non-electric flossers. However, if you are an adult, an electric flosser is an ideal choice. Usually, different family members may require or choose different flossing products. Speak to the dentist at our dental office for the right floss for you.

Consider these points:

Find an ADA Seal

The American Dental Association is the professional association of dentists in the USA. These professionals are committed to ethical dental practices, scientific progress, and maintaining health. Regardless of the floss you pick, always look for an ADA seal.

Signs to Notice When Flossing

If you experience the following signs when flossing, contact the dentist in Scottsdale AZ immediately.

  • Discharge or pus near the gum and teeth.
  • Swelling, redness, or pain around the gums.
  • A bad taste in the mouth.
  • Gum bleeding while flossing and brushing.
  • Heightened gum or tooth sensitivity to cold and hot.
  • Changes in how bottom and top teeth line up.
  • Loose teeth.

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