What Can Be Expected from the Invisalign Process?

What Can Be Expected from the Invisalign Process?

April 1, 2020

Contemplating the thought of getting Invisalign to improve your smile? You will benefit from the information in this article is will provide you all the knowledge about this process from the beginning until the end.

Nearly 20% of American adults are presently visiting dentists every year to straighten their smiles. Orthodontics for adults was not common earlier but a dramatic change is being observed as more people realize how easy it is to straighten their teeth at any age. The clear aligners are continuing to grow in popularity because they are virtually invisible. If you are contemplating having straighter teeth as an adult this could be the solution you are looking for. We will be answering some common questions about the process to help you determine whether it is the right option for you.

What Is Invisalign

This is an innovative technique for teeth straightening that has eliminated the need for metal braces as they are cosmetically undesirable and require high maintenance. This technique helps to overcome these snags and offers clear removable trays to straighten your teeth without braces in your mouth.

You begin the treatment with a series of trays during the treatment for bringing your teeth back into alignment. The trays are custom-fitted according to the unique shape of your mouth and therefore will offer you comfort when wearing throughout the day, every day.

The Process for Getting the Clear Aligners

Knowing what you can expect from dental treatment can help you to determine if this is the right option for you. You can have wonderfully straight teeth in just five steps which are:

Your Initial Appointment

During your first appointment with your orthodontist, your mouth will be studied and your cosmetic dentistry desires will be discussed. Some people may be unsuitable for this teeth alignment process. If you are one of the unfortunate few your dentist will discuss other options available. However, if you are suitable for the procedure the treatment protocol will be discussed with you as well as the estimated duration of the treatment.


The digital molding process is the next step which can also happen during your first appointment or the second according to your schedule. An accurate model of your mouth and teeth will be created using photographs, x-rays, and digital scans. They will be sent to the laboratory for developing your custom trays.

Having the First Tray Fitted

When the dental laboratory returns the trays it will be time for you to visit your dentist again. The dentist may fit tiny attachments on your teeth to ensure the trays stay in place. The attachments are clear, painless to install, nearly invisible, and temporary. Your dentist will check that your tray fits properly before fitting them on your teeth and explaining the after-care program.

Follow-Up Appointments

You must return to the dentist after a few weeks of the first tray being fitted. Your dentist will check your progress and the fitting of the tray. You will not be required to return frequently for checking your progress and even when you need to change to a new aligner. Additional aligners may need to be ordered after another digital scan if your treatment is not progressing as planned.

Straighter Teeth

Your teeth would have straightened out after a short period. The ultimate results will depend on the severity of the misalignment and the time the aligners remain in your mouth throughout the day. However, if you wear them as prescribed straighter teeth are guaranteed by the developers.

Is This an Alternative Option for Straightening Teeth?

Yes, this is an alternative option to conventional metal and wire braces or lingual braces for straightening teeth that have mild to moderate malocclusions. However severe cases may have to be dealt with traditional braces that are considered better.

What Is the Duration of Treatment Time?

Every patient has an individual experience With Invisalign and therefore it will be difficult to mention how long it will take to straighten the teeth. The severity of the misalignment in your mouth as well as your compliance will determine the time taken for the treatment to deliver results.

Before & After Treatment Result

If you had crooked and gapped teeth before the treatment the appearance of your teeth will be entirely different after the treatment. You may be recommended retainers for some time but they will not hinder your activities or get in your way to smile happily ever after.

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