Unbearable Wisdom Tooth Pain — What to Do?

June 1, 2023

If you experience jaw discomfort, it might indicate painful wisdom teeth. Occasionally the pain can become unbearable, making it challenging to determine what to do. Additionally, when the third molars erupt in the posterior region of your mouth, swelling and sensitivity are familiar problems. If your unbearable wisdom tooth pain exhibits similar symptoms, it is best to consider wisdom teeth removal from a dentist nearby.

The dentist in Scottsdale, AZ, and the team at the dental practice is highly skilled in providing pain-free wisdom teeth extractions at affordable prices. In addition, they provide dental sedation, including general anesthesia, to help patients relax through the entire surgical procedure.

Wisdom Teeth Explained

Wisdom teeth, the third molars, are the final permanent teeth to emerge at the back of your mouth. They develop in the jaws before eventually growing and breaking through your gums. Some may never develop wisdom teeth in their lives.

The third molars erupt between 17 and 21 and occasionally even later. They do not serve any functions making wisdom tooth extraction healthy and standard. However, in many cases, they remain impacted in your jawbone, growing at angles to damage the adjacent teeth.

If your jaw has sufficient space, the wisdom tooth grows upright without causing discomfort. Unfortunately, if your wisdom tooth does not erupt because of insufficient space in your jaw, it will cause excruciating pain and inflammation. The condition is known as pericoronitis, the primary cause of unbearable pain and discomfort.

How to Manage Wisdom Tooth Pain?

Managing wisdom tooth pain without help from a nearby dental clinic becomes challenging because you may not realize your wisdom teeth erupt when you experience mouth discomfort. Some signs indicating your wisdom teeth are causing problems include irritation, bleeding, swollen and red gums, jaw swelling, lousy breath, awful taste in the mouth, pus formation, and challenges opening your mouth.

Professional Treatment Options for Unbearable Wisdom Tooth Pain

When you visit the dentist near me complaining of unbearable wisdom tooth pain, they will likely x-ray your mouth and jaw to determine the precise reason for the discomfort. Dental X-rays enable dentists to determine what is causing the pain in your mouth, offering optimal treatment options to alleviate pain and providing freedom from infections like tooth decay and gum disease that eventually affect you.

Dentists recommend wisdom teeth causing unbearable pain extractions because you like to have an impacted tooth partially erupting from your gums or remaining in the jawbone. The condition is excruciating when eating and speaking.

Impacted wisdom teeth can leave you with a problem of crowding in your mouth because they push at the other molars to cause misalignment. In addition, if wisdom teeth emerge through your gums, they may remain crooked. The crooked teeth are challenging to clean and can also increase your risk of dental infections.

If your wisdom teeth are crooked and pushing against the adjacent teeth, you risk pericoronitis, an inflammation of the surrounding gum tissue. Pericoronitis results in gum disease, mouth pain, lousy breath, problems swallowing, et cetera.

Managing Wisdom Tooth Pain before Extraction

Dentists suggest homecare techniques to minimize wisdom tooth pain before extraction. Some include OTC painkillers, salt water rinses, ice packs, or heat before scheduling your appointment for tooth extractions in Scottsdale.

Your problematic wisdom tooth is better removed from your mouth instead of retaining it because the problems caused by the tooth worsen with time without improving. The tooth serves no purpose other than creating infections in your mouth and causing unbearable pain to make you wonder why you must endure the challenges. However, if you accept the Scottsdale dentist’s proposal to get the wisdom tooth removed, you can say goodbye to all the problems the tooth causes to require frequent dental visits to find relief from the discomfort.

Wisdom tooth extractions are relatively straightforward and completed by dentists within an hour by giving you local anesthesia and sedation to ensure a calm and pain-free treatment to eliminate the problematic tooth. You will experience some discomfort from the procedure to remove your wisdom tooth, but if you follow your dentist’s instructions, you can comfortably overcome the pain by taking medications to recover within a week. In addition, you can return to your regular activities 72 hours after wisdom tooth removal without the pain from the problematic tooth being eliminated from your jaw by the dentist.

If you are experiencing unbearable pain in your jaw with your wisdom tooth Mercado Dental Care can help relieve the discomfort by eliminating the third painlessly. Consider scheduling an appointment with them to extract the wisdom tooth instead of enduring unbearable pain.

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