Tooth Reshaping for a Better Smile

July 4, 2018

Tooth reshaping is a conservative and affordable cosmetic dentistry approach to fix minor smile defects. A small amount of contouring can result in major improvements in a patient’s appearance. Tiny portions of enamel are removed to change the length, shape or surface of one or more teeth.

Minor chips, pointy cuspids, odd-shaped teeth or a slight overlap can be repaired with tooth reshaping. Dental contouring is often combined with tooth-colored composite bonding.

The Procedure of Tooth Reshaping

Advanced dental equipment and contouring techniques are used to complete the process. Digital imaging may be needed prior to the procedure to ensure teeth are healthy. Your Scottsdale dentist will isolate the treatment area and use a sanding tool to minimize or eliminate surface imperfections. Once the contouring is completed, teeth are polished.

Advantages of Tooth Reshaping

  • Pain-Free: Since only the surface enamel is extracted there is no discomfort or pain, and no need for anesthesia or downtime.
  • Improved Oral Health: By removing imperfections like overlapping teeth you lessen the risk of developing tooth decay or gum disease. The tooth surfaces will be easier to clean properly, and there will be fewer places for tartar and plaque to build up.
  • Substitute for Braces: For some patients, tooth reshaping can replace orthodontic treatment. Tooth edges are made smoother and straighter; minor overlaps are corrected. The effect of dental contouring can be just as dramatic as the result of wearing braces.

Disadvantages of Tooth Reshaping

Dental contouring will not drastically change the appearance of you smile. You can achieve only minor changes with tooth reshaping, but the results can be major. A smile makeover is a more comprehensive option for total mouth reconstruction; it may include dental crowns, veneers, implants and teeth whitening.

There is a risk of tooth damage, depending on how much enamel needs to be removed, tooth sensitivity may result. In addition, if an excessive amount of enamel is sanded away, it could weaken the tooth structure and make it more prone to breakage.

Tooth Reshaping: Is It Right for You?

The best candidates for tooth reshaping require only light contouring or minor tooth repairs. Patients with tooth decay, unhealthy soft tissues or root canals are not suited for tooth reshaping.

If you want a more attractive smile but want to avoid the expense and time of extensive cosmetic dentistry, tooth reshaping may be right for you. Small changes can boost self-confidence and make it easier to keep your teeth clean. Tooth reshaping combined with proper oral hygiene at home and regular dentist visits will help you keep that beautiful smile for life.

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