Permanent Partial Dentures Excellent to Replace A Few Missing Teeth

Permanent Partial Dentures Excellent to Replace A Few Missing Teeth

October 1, 2021

Partial dentures, also referred to as partials, are fake replacement teeth to restore a few missing teeth in your mouth. The neighboring membranes in your oral cavity hold the dentures. You can have upper partial dentures or even consider lower partial dentures if you have missing teeth in either jaw.

If you need tooth replacement solutions because you have lost some teeth due to periodontal disease, severe tooth decay, extraction, natural aging or poor dental care, and a facial or jaw injury, you find it beneficial to have partial dentures to replace your natural teeth.

Generally, partial dentures are removable and consist of artificial teeth on a gum-colored base with metal or plastic clasps. However, partials can also be converted into permanent dentures by fixing them in your mouth, ensuring you don’t have to remove them every night. Fixed partial dentures are often referred to as dental bridges.

Temporary Vs. Permanent Partial Dentures: Which Option Should You Consider?

As partial dentures are available in both fixed and removable options, you may find it challenging to determine which option is best for your needs. However, it helps if you understand the version best suited for your specific situation depends on your oral health, how many teeth are missing from your mouth, and your budget.

Discuss your situation with the dentist in Scottsdale, AZ. They can help you figure out which option is suitable for your requirements after evaluating your oral health, how many teeth you want to have replaced, and your budget. Rest assured, the dentist offers you different versions of partial dentures, even explaining the benefits of each arrangement to make you realize how they can help you.

Types of Partial Dentures You Can Have

If you are looking for a removable dental prosthesis, you will likely receive a recommendation for them if you have some natural teeth in your mouth. Removable partials are available in three varieties. They are cast metal partial denture, flexible partial denture, and acrylic partial denture.

If you prefer to have fixed partial dentures, also called dental bridges, they are non-removable dental prostheses surgically embedded into the jawbone. Standard versions of fixed partial dentures include traditional bridges, cantilever bridges, Maryland bridges, and implant-supported bridges.

Benefits of Dentures

Tooth loss also makes you susceptible to various oral health issues that eventually affect your overall health. You may think a couple of teeth missing from the posterior region of your mouth aren’t likely to cause any problems. However, are you aware your eating and chewing abilities are the first consequences of missing teeth? Have you considered how the lack of proper nutrition because swallowing large chunks of food without chewing affects your overall health? If you haven’t, you will benefit by discussing these problems with your dentist, who can clarify how many health issues will soon begin bothering you because you are reluctant to avail the benefits of dentures.

Besides affecting your chewing, eating, and speaking abilities, the missing teeth cause your remaining teeth to move out of position towards the vacant gap in your mouth. The teeth in your upper or lower jaw also move towards the blank space to leave you with a bad bite. A bad bite or misalignment also exposes you to developing tooth decay and gum disease because it makes cleaning your teeth more challenging. Instead of enduring all the problems associated with tooth loss, wouldn’t you benefit if you consider replacing the missing teeth with fixed or removable partial dentures from the Scottsdale dentist?

We are confident the dentist will convince you of the benefits of dentures and encourage you to have the missing teeth replaced with artificial teeth as soon as possible.

What Is the Cost of Partial Dentures?

If you want removable partial dentures, you can expect to pay between $ 650-$ 2500 for an upper or lower dental prosthesis. Prices for flexible, removable dentures range between $ 900-$ 2000. A partial acrylic denture is the least expensive and will cost between $ 300-$ 500 but will need replacements sooner than the other.

Fixed partial dentures are the most expensive, and depending on the type of dental bridge you chose, you can expect to pay around $ 1500-$ 6000. However, fixed partial dentures don’t need replacements often unless you are negligent with your dental hygiene regimen and neglect dental visits for exams and cleanings, allowing plaque buildup to accumulate around the dental bridge.

Discuss with your dentist which dental prosthesis is appropriate for your specific requirement and consider replacing the missing teeth at the earliest.

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