Mercado Dental Care Explains Procedure, Benefits, and Misconceptions of Dental Implants

Mercado Dental Care Explains Procedure, Benefits, and Misconceptions of Dental Implants

February 4, 2020

Implants are an effective restorative dentistry method that helps you get the perfect smile. The loss of tooth among people is increasing with time. The lost tooth leaves a space that destroys your smile. To fill that space, restorative dentistry introduced dental implants. An artificial tooth is placed in the jaw that looks like a natural tooth. This artificial tooth is made up of porcelain or composite material. Your attractive smile stays in shape. The procedure is simpler than you can expect. Your dentist will inform you about every benefit and every step included in the process.

Treatment Process of the Dental Implant

The dental implant process varies from patient to patient. There are some exceptions which have been stated below. The method has three stages that have been discussed below to make it easier for you. You can mentally prepare yourself for the procedure.

First, the dentist will ask for an x-ray to identify the condition of the jaw and shape of your teeth. Some patients a chin implant before the tooth implant. The reason for augmentation is the jawbone may not have sufficient space to support an implant. Chin implant creates space in the jaw for better support.

The augmentation needs time to heal. After the healing process, the further process of the teeth implantation is carried.

If the patient does not need an augmentation, the surgical site is number either with local anesthesia or general anesthesia. The difference lies in the venue. Local anesthesia is injected in clinics while implants at the hospital need general anesthesia for numbing the site of action if your oral health is fine.

Now, the titanium screw is surgically placed in the jaw. The jaw is left to heal. After the jaw has completely healed, a post is placed that manages to generate a network around the gum for better support of the implant.

Lastly, the crown or false tooth is placed on the post. The process takes time and many visits to the dentist. You can make a clear choice if the procedure is rightly understood.

Benefits of Teeth Implant Procedure

You may not find it an effective procedure but the benefits are tremendous. Here are a few of the benefits that you can get from an implant.

  • Better appearance
  • Raised self-confidence
  • Natural look
  • Durability and reliability is guaranteed
  • High success rate
  • Better bone structure
  • Stronger ability to chew

Misconceptions About Teeth Implantation

Do not get confused with the misconceptions prevailing about dental implants. Here are some myths and facts related to them.

Implants Are the Most Expensive Dental Procedure

This is the most common misconception that stops people from getting an implant. Implants are not the most expensive treatment you can get. It comes at a reasonable charge. Sometimes, insurance also covers it. Do not let your smile get affected because of the misconception.

Pain Is Unbearable for an Implant

This is another myth that implants come with extreme pain. You are anesthetized before the treatment. You do not feel any pain during the procedure. Once the numbness goes away, the pain is not extreme. You can tolerate it. Also, the pain does not last longer than a few hours. Moreover, the dentist will advise painkillers to make it easier for you.

Anybody Can Get Dental Implants

Another common misconception that people believe in is that anyone is eligible for an implant process. Yes, anyone can have an implant as far as oral health is perfect. The bones must be strong enough to support an implant or go through augmentation before the implant. If the bones are weak, you may not be the right candidate.

Implants Become the Reason for Migraine and Headaches

There are no headaches associated with an implant. Migraine is a severe condition that is not a side effect of any treatment. The anesthesia leaves some effects that may cause slight pain and drowsiness. That does not mean every patient will have the same effects. Dizziness also vanishes in an hour or so.

How to Care for Dental Implants

Here are some post-surgery care tips that must be followed for long-lasting implants.

  • Visit the dentist regularly
  • Follow a proper hygiene routine
  • Brush and floss daily
  • Use mouth rinses
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol to prevent discoloration

You can visit our clinic for the right dental implant treatment. Our dentists clear all doubts and discuss the process in detail first. We provide state of the art facilities, the latest technology, and a comforting environment to all our patients. Visit us now.

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