Is It Possible to Respond to Complete Tooth Loss with Dentures?

Is It Possible to Respond to Complete Tooth Loss with Dentures?

August 20, 2022

Whether you lose one or all your teeth in the top or bottom jaw, getting replacements becomes inevitable if you want to overcome the challenges you confront with everyday activities. Tooth loss makes it embarrassing for you to smile besides heaping upon you the numerous consequences of the loss to affect you in multiple ways.


Tooth replacement solutions are undoubtedly available, but not every replacement option is suitable for everyone. Therefore if you desire a trustworthy option for replacing teeth, you must discuss your needs with a dental prosthetist with experience to find a solution best suited for your situation.


What Replacement Solutions Are Willing for Missing Teeth?


The Scottsdale dentist offers solutions like implants and dentures as appropriate restorative treatments for missing teeth. For example, if you have lost all your teeth, you can consider getting implant supported or implant retained dentures needing merely four or six implants to hold a complete arch of teeth in the top or bottom jaw. However, if you do not prefer the intensive process of implant-supported or retained dentures, you can opt for conventional dentures offered by this dental professional to restore your mouth’s functionality.


If you miss a couple of teeth and have healthy teeth remaining beside the edentulous gaps, the dentist in Scottsdale, AZ, suggests partials fill in the gaps to prevent numerous dental issues that soon follow you if you leave the condition untreated.


Why Replacing Missing Teeth Becomes Inevitable?


If you are unaware of the consequences of tooth loss, especially if you miss a couple of teeth, it helps if you understand your remaining natural teeth soon start drifting towards the edentulous gap changing your biting pattern and creating more gaps between teeth, making you susceptible to receiving treatments from the orthodontist near me to straighten teeth whenever you get replacements. In addition, the gaps between your teeth and the missing teeth make you vulnerable to dental disorders like tooth decay and gum disease because food particles comfortably remain trapped in them for your mouth bacteria to feast upon and cause enamel erosion.


Missing teeth, whether one or complete, impact your appearance by causing bone deterioration to make you look older and affect your biting and chewing, encouraging you to swallow large chunks of food to become a victim of indigestion needing treatment from your physical health care provider. In contrast, getting tooth replacements with dentures besides closing the empty gaps in your mouth also prevents jawbone resorption and sagging of your face. The dentures also help to improve speech making it comfortable for you to speak without a lisp.


When looking to replace a few missing teeth, a partial denture in Scottsdale might be suitable if you still have some healthy teeth neighboring the empty gaps. Partial dental prosthetics are fabricated from a gum-colored base with plastic or porcelain teeth to function as replacements. Therefore whether you miss all your teeth in both the jaws or just a few in the top or bottom jaw, rest assured a solution is available with the Scottsdale dentist to restore your mouth’s functionality and appearance.


Are Dentures Reliable?


Dentures have existed for over a century and have proven dependable replacement options for missing teeth. In reality, they have become more reliable and trustworthy with dentistry advances offering you implant-supported or retained dentures if you can have them or the conventional variety if you cannot.


If choosing the conventional variety to maintain oral health, you might require practice wearing and removing the dentures during the initial stages. A partial denture is a removable appliance that needs removal every night to thoroughly clean the prosthetic and your remaining teeth to prevent infections from festering in your mouth. However, as you become accustomed to wearing the replacement teeth, you will find them no different from your natural teeth because they function appropriately without posing challenges.


The myths spread about dentures being uncomfortable or unreliable no longer hold because advances in dental technology now make it possible for dental prosthetist’s to deliver realistic-looking and fitting complete or partials customized for your mouth to help you in every way possible. Most importantly, the replacements restore your mouth’s functionality and help you enjoy everyday activities as you did with your natural teeth.


Do not brood about your missing teeth for too long until the consequences of tooth loss hurt you. Instead, schedule an appointment with Mercado Dental Care today to receive the complete or partial replacements you need for your missing teeth.

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