Full vs. Partial Dentures

Full vs. Partial Dentures

May 16, 2019

Do you find your grandfather or grandmother struggling while chewing food? Or have you seen them missing a few teeth? This is a very common problem which occurs at the old age. Losing teeth is not a problem but if you don’t get them treated on time then it can be an open invitation to other problems in the future. You would not like the idea of struggling like your grandparents while eating as well as not being able to eat whatever as you please. Much renowned dental facilities, like Mercado Dental Care, would provide you with full or partial dentures according to your teeth’s situation and the requirements.

Partial Denture

If you have lost multiple teeth and want to restore them, then partial denture should be the best option for you. It restores multiple areas and provides you with the best smile, which you have been looking for. If you are still worried whether it is for you or not, then following situations will help you find the answer for your question-

  • Your teeth are not healthy because of which you aren’t able to support a dental bridge
  • For Dental bridge, time plays an important role. If the span of missing teeth is larger than a day or two then you would require a partial denture, instead of dental bridge
  • Your teeth are missing in different areas

Full Denture

If you have lost all the teeth from the upper arch or the lower arch of the mouth, then you need a full denture. This is not the ideal situation, as majority of the times, a few teeth are definitely left behind. Still, the dentist advises you to get a full denture because the remaining teeth’s conditions are not good enough and might create a problem in the upcoming future.

Dental Implants for Full and Partial Dentures

When we talk about the traditional way of restoring teeth, then full or partial denture come in the options as well. Now in the modern age, a dental implant has become the best solution for any kind of teeth restoration. This has lots of advantages over the traditional method. In this method, artificial teeth are fitted on a titanium screw which is then fused into the patient’s jaw bone.

If you are still not satisfied with the information provided, then contact Mercado Dental Care or any other dentist near you, who will guide you through the steps of getting a dental implant.

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