First Aid for Common Dental Emergencies

First Aid for Common Dental Emergencies

December 16, 2018

Most people are experienced and equipped to treat common minor injuries like cuts or burns. However, they are generally less knowledgeable about what to do in case of a dental emergency. This is unfortunate, as a dental injury can be just as common as others and, in some cases, can even be as damaging to overall health. Although dental first aid is not necessarily more complicated to deal with, it may require more specialized tools and knowledge that you should prepare yourself with. The professionals at Mercado Dental Care provide emergency care at their Scottsdale, AZ location, but there are things you can do to give your teeth a better chance of being saved in the event of an injury.

Fractured and broken teeth

This requires one of the simpler fixes in dentistry, though it might cause a fair amount of pain or discomfort. To fix it, collect as many broken pieces of the tooth as you can and place them in a container of milk or saliva to preserve them until you are able to get to the dentist’s office. A cold compress can help to dull the pain. Rinse your mouth with an antiseptic rinse to minimize the risk of rotting the broken tooth. See your dentist at Mercado Dental Care as soon as possible to have the broken tooth cleaned and restored.


A toothache can be caused by a number of things, not all of which, unfortunately, can be treated using home remedies. First, rinse your mouth, floss, and/or brush to remove any food lodged in the mouth. This could alleviate the pain fairly quickly. If you are in pain for an extended period of time, a cold compress can be used. Over-the-counter pain medications like aspirin can also help. If the pain continues, see your dentist.

Oral sores

Sores in the mouth can be the result of a number of actions, including biting your tongue, eating something sharp, or even scalding your mouth after eating or drinking something hot. They can have varying degrees of pain, but whatever it is, you’ll probably want to get it treated promptly. Clean the mouth thoroughly to remove food particles and prevent them from infecting the sores or cuts. Again, a cold compress can help with the pain. Finally, rinse with an antiseptic mouthwash to speed recovery time – a simple saltwater rinse can be enough.

Loose or severed teeth

If a tooth has become entirely dislodged from your mouth, it can be saved if you act quickly. Retrieve the lost tooth, if possible, holding it only by the crown and not the tooth root in order to minimize the spread of bacteria into the tooth. Gently rinse it off with water (do not use soap) and keep it in a container filled with milk or saliva; doing so will extend the time it will stay preserved considerably. Your dentist will attempt to place it back into its socket. If this cannot be done, dental restoration options can be discussed.

The key to preserving a tooth after it has been injured is acting quickly and treating it properly. When you know what to do in different dental emergencies, you have a better chance of saving the injured tooth and restoring your oral health. The dentists at Mercado Dental Care in Scottsdale, AZ are here to help you recover your smile.

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