Discolored Teeth Affecting Your Smile: Get Whiter and Brighter Teeth by Teeth Whitening Treatments

Discolored Teeth Affecting Your Smile: Get Whiter and Brighter Teeth by Teeth Whitening Treatments

April 1, 2021

You may be affected by discolored teeth due to various reasons and may decide you want to restore your teeth’ appearance to their former glory. You may gather information about teeth whitening treatments available from cosmetic dentistry clinics. Would you prefer to have your teeth whitened by a qualified dentist?

Looking around on supermarkets and drugstores’ shelves, you notice many teeth whitening remedies displayed and available at dirt-cheap prices. You think why must you spend $ 650 to get your teeth whitened from a dentist when you can comfortably use popular over-the-counter products to achieve similar results. While your thinking is purely considering the financial aspect, it would be helpful if you also tried to understand whether products displayed over the counter are useful to remove the stains on your teeth or are just marketing gimmicks trying to benefit from the incredible demand for teeth whitening. You must also try to understand whether the products will not cause gum irritation or harm your oral health. When you consider all the aspects of affordable over-the-counter products and cannot find answers to the questions you have in mind, you will consider getting teeth whitening treatments from the dentist in Scottsdale, AZ, who can deliver effective results.

How Have Your Teeth Discolored?

Tooth discoloration occurs because of various reasons. You may have extrinsic discoloration caused by foods and beverages or smoking habits that stain your teeth. Some of the drinks contributing to the staining include coffee, tea, red wine, and foods with pigmented dyes. Extrinsic staining affects the exterior of your teeth. You can quickly remove such stains by using whitening toothpaste to target the exterior colors.

Sometimes you may have tooth discoloration on your tooth’s interiors because of medicine use, childhood illness, tooth trauma, or aging. If you are affected by intrinsic staining, whitening toothpaste will not help you, and you need professional teeth bleaching from a dentist to whiten your teeth.

You can decide how to whiten your teeth after contacting the dentist in Scottsdale, AZ, to determine the kind of staining affecting your teeth.

What Methods Will You Use for Teeth Whitening?

You have various methods and products available on the market to whiten your teeth. The plethora of products can confuse you to leave you wondering which product or process you must choose for the whitening.

It helps if you discuss the whitening methods with a dentist by visiting a dental clinic near you. The dentist can prescribe a therapy plan that best approaches your requirements. The dentist will likely discuss different methods of whitening your teeth.

Teeth Whitening Options

You can consider a couple of teeth whitening options if you want to view visible results within a short time. They are professional in-office teeth whitening treatments administered by your dentist or at-home teeth whitening trays dispensed by your dentist with whitening gel.

In-office teeth whitening treatments are beneficial because they work quickly and deliver results faster. The whitening effects also last longer. In most cases, you may need an hour’s treatment at the dentist’s office or a few visits to get your teeth whitened.

Dentists use concentrated hydrogen peroxide gel on your teeth which is more potent than any over-the-counter products available in the market. In-office treatments are beneficial if you have receding gums from gum disease or other infections.

Before starting the treatment, you receive a dental cleaning to remove plaque buildup from your teeth which is also a cause for the discoloration. The dentist protects your gums and cheeks using a rubber retractor to ensure you don’t confront any irritation. It is only after protective measures are in place that your dentist applies the hydrogen peroxide and activates it with ultraviolet light. You get to see visible results making your teeth whiter and brighter by three to eight shades in one appointment to the dentist’s office.

Qualified dentists also help to whiten your teeth at home, providing customized at-home trays fitting your mouth. You can wear the trays for 30 minutes to 1 hour every day or as recommended by your dentist with the whitening gel for a few weeks to maintain the results of in-office teeth whitening treatments.

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Treatment Last?

Teeth whitening treatments last between six months to three years, depending on your oral hygiene routine and how you avoid or limit staining foods or beverages. You must care for your oral hygiene appropriately and visit your dentist for regular checkups.

Teeth whitening treatments from your dentist are safe and authenticated by a qualified professional. So long as you use a teeth whitening method that fits your needs and follows your dentist’s directions, you can have whiter and brighter teeth in a couple of appointments with the dental professional.

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