Denture Care: Can Dentures Really Improve Dental Health?

Denture Care: Can Dentures Really Improve Dental Health?

January 1, 2023

Tooth loss is one of the most common oral problems in dentistry. Millions of people globally are missing at least one tooth. While losing one tooth can be distressing, multiple tooth loss is devastating. It tampers with your self-confidence and impacts your dental health. Fortunately, you do not need to be toothless when there are incredible solutions like dentures in restorative dentistry.

What Are Dentures?

They are artificial teeth that replace multiple missing teeth. Dentures feature multiple false teeth bound to a gum-like base. They usually replace more than four missing teeth in a row in one go. They offer the best alternative to other tooth replacement treatment protocols like dental bridges and Implants, particularly for patients who have lost many teeth.

Which Dentures Are Good for You?

There are two major categorizations of dentures:

  1. Immediate dentures – are readily available pre-made dentures you can acquire instantly. These dentures are incredible because you do not have to spend a single day without teeth. Besides, they are more affordable than their counterparts.
  2. Custom-made dentures – are designed in a dental laboratory, usually following the impressions of your mouth. When you lose your teeth, the dentist takes the impressions of your mouth, using them as measurements to create perfectly fitting dentures. These dentures fit like a glove, offering an unmatched experience.

Other than immediate and customized dentures, you can choose dentures based on the number of teeth you are lost.

  1. Full dentures – they replace all your teeth, offering complete coverage. You should be toothless to benefit from these dentures.
  2. Partials – are dentures designed to restore the few teeth you have lost. They are ideal for replacing at least four teeth in a row. Therefore, you can retain your remaining natural teeth.

When you choose between full and partial dentures, you also must decide whether you want permanent or removable ones. Removable dentures are the most common kind. You wear and remove them as you wish, without many restrictions.

On the other hand, you cannot remove permanent dentures at will as they are affixed to your teeth through dental implants. Therefore, you need to receive dental implants before getting permanent dentures. The good news is that permanent dentures are very sturdy and durable.

How Can Dentures Improve Your Oral Health?

Dentures have been transforming many smiles for years. There is a reason dentists continue to recommend dentures, even in modern-day dentistry. Some of the ways dentures improve your oral health are:

  1. Healthy jawbone – having teeth is the best way to maintain a healthy jaw. The jaw’s inactivity after losing teeth causes the bone tissue to disintegrate gradually. Getting full dentures in Scottsdale, AZ, can promote a healthy jawbone by restoring activity in your mouth.
  2. Optimizing oral functionality – various oral functions are tied to your teeth. When you lose your teeth, you experience difficulty speaking, chewing, and other dental tasks. Dentures at Mercado Dental Care help restore your normal oral function.
  3. Maintaining regular checkups – once you get dentures, you will be obliged to visit your dentist in Scottsdale regularly for maintenance. The frequent dental is it’s are incredible for routine dental exams and cleanings. They help you maintain excellent oral health.
  4. Dentures can improve your bite – you may be surprised at how much impact your bite has on your jaw health. Some of the pain you experience in your jaw and head may be due to an improper bite. Dentures restore teeth and improve your bite.
  5. Encouraging healthy hygiene practices – cosmetic dentists in dentistry have found that when patients feel good about their smiles, they take better care of their oral health. Besides, you must regularly clean your new teeth with a denture cleaner to keep them healthy. It will be hard to neglect your natural teeth when cleaning your dentures daily.
  6. Preventing oral problems – dental experts agree that dentures can lower the risk of several oral issues, including tooth decay and periodontal disease.


If you are ever in doubt about the best treatment for your missing teeth, visit a dentist near you. Besides, without a comprehensive dental exam, it can be hard to determine the best dentures for your smile.

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