Can You Undergo Tooth Extractions If You have Diabetes?

Can You Undergo Tooth Extractions If You have Diabetes?

December 1, 2021
Tooth extractions become necessary for various reasons among preteens and adults. Although your teeth are created to last for a lifetime, subject to caring for them appropriately, you may need to have oral surgery to remove an impacted wisdom tooth or other teeth that are crooked or have suffered trauma. People with diabetes may also require tooth extractions because they have weakened white blood cells, the body’s primary defense against bacterial infections occurring in the mouth. However, if affected by severe conditions or decay, people with diabetes are recommended tooth extractions by dentists to safeguard their dental and overall health.

How Should People with Diabetes Approach Tooth Extractions?

People with diabetes recommended tooth extractions for any reason by the Scottsdale dentist must report whether their sugar levels are acceptable and not uncontrolled. High blood sugar interferes with blood clotting, doing any dental work challenging to heal faster. That said, if people with diabetes need tooth removal because of tooth decay or infections, they cannot avoid the procedure unless they prepare themselves to endure severe complications in the mouth and eventual tooth loss because of issues like gingivitis and periodontitis.

The tooth removal itself does not pose significant threats to people with diabetes with increased levels of glucose. The concerns are regarding the healing process. People with diabetes may delay the healing besides a dry socket and the chances of osteomyelitis. If you are affected by diabetes and hypertension, the eventual results may also suffer.

People with diabetes and conscious about their blood glucose levels taking appropriate care to keep them under control and safely undergo tooth extractions after two weeks of medication, including antibiotics if necessary. Tooth extractions for people with diabetes well-controlled are similar to tooth removal procedures for everyone else.
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Complications of Tooth Extractions in Diabetes

People with diabetes are susceptible to developing decayed teeth and periodontal disease than others due to high blood sugar levels affecting their immune system. Among people with gum disease, approximately 22 percent are identified as people with diabetes. In addition, aging coupled with uncontrolled blood sugar poses the risk of developing gum problems in aging.
People with diabetes recommended tooth extractions in Scottsdale, AZ, must ensure their blood sugar levels are within acceptable limits. For people with higher blood sugar levels, the extractions will require more time to heal. If the patient undergoing has uncontrolled blood sugar, the possibility of having cytokines, a harmful protein in the gingival tissue, block the growth proteins helpful for healing the wound. In addition, high blood sugar levels interfere with blood clotting making dental procedures challenging to heal faster.

People with diabetes must exercise caution because tooth removal exposes the gums to infections. The infections can cause hyperglycemia to mobilize fatty acids resulting in acidosis. In addition, the conditions described make it challenging to control blood sugar levels efficiently.

Patients receiving oral medication for diabetes need to be observed for at least two weeks on extended antibiotics and analgesics. An assessment is required from the dental office near me to ensure the patient is maintaining appropriate blood sugar levels appropriately.

How do Dentists Treat Patients with Diabetes?

Dentists meet patients with different complications, and many people with diabetes approach them with severely decayed or infected teeth. In such cases, prompt tooth removal is necessary under the presence of a physician. People with diabetes also need to exercise caution and maintain excellent oral hygiene when they schedule an appointment for tooth extraction. They must ensure their mouth is clean and prepared to undergo the tooth removal procedure. It is because the healing process should start immediately after the tooth removal to ensure no infection develops.

People with diabetes Lose Their Teeth More Often Than Others

People with diabetes suffer a loss of teeth because they are prone to the development of gingivitis and periodontal disease. When the infection persists, it spreads to the underlying bone anchoring the teeth. The situation is further complicated because infections in people with diabetes don’t resolve quickly.

Diabetics are recommended to practice good oral hygiene routines brushing their teeth twice daily or after every meal using fluoride toothpaste, flossing every day, keeping their blood sugar levels under control to help reduce the risks of infection from periodontal disease or eliminate it along with the risk of tooth loss. However, if people with diabetes need tooth extractions, they must follow the prescribed protocol suggested by the Scottsdale dentist to ensure they don’t encounter any complications after tooth removal.

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