Bad Breath Treatment

Bad Breath Treatment

April 1, 2019

Are you suffering from bad breath? Do you maintain oral hygiene routine? Does your bad breath persist even after good oral routine? This may be a sign of underlying dental condition which can be resolved with the help of a dentist in Scottsdale. If you struggle with halitosis, it is best to consult a dentist for the right treatment.

What is Halitosis?

Research shows that as many as 90 million people suffer from bad breath because of several reasons and the most common reason is poor oral hygiene. Failing to brush and floss leaves bacteria and food particles in mouth resulting in sulphur compounds which define bad breath. Persistent bad breath is not just a sign of poor oral hygiene but it can also be a symptom of gum disease.

Causes of Chronic Bad Breath

While poor oral hygiene, gum disease, and bad-breath causing foods are major reasons for bad breath, there can be others reasons as well. Here’s a look.

  • Dry mouth is a dental condition which allows the build up of plaque on teeth and breaks down the tooth enamel.
  • Some medications can also lead to dry mouth which can cause bad breath and create metallic odor.
  • Oral infection such as swelling and sores in your mouth can also cause halitosis.
  • Infection or sickness in tonsils can lead to foul breath.
  • Digestion related ailments can also lead to bad breath.


How Is Bad Breath Treated?

The dentist in AZ 85258 can help in offering the treatment by first examining the underlying dental problem. The dentist also suggests a regular oral health care program which includes cleaning, brushing the teeth twice, flossing daily, and eating healthy food. Every patient is different so the treatment is usually personalized to meet the varied needs.

Tips to Improve Bad Breath

  • Make sure to brush your teeth twice a day for 2 minutes
  • Floss the teeth after brushing
  • Brush or use a scrapper for cleaning your tongue
  • Use antimicrobial mouth rinse after meals
  • Drink a lot of water to prevent dry mouth
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