7 Fascinating Myths About Dental Veneers

7 Fascinating Myths About Dental Veneers

November 1, 2020

The internet has made many things we wouldn’t have thought possible. It provides us with entertainment, knowledge, and has created thousands of jobs. However, the internet is also a great to get misinformed if you are not careful. Some articles contain false information, but they are so well written and comes with ‘proof,’ making them so convincing.

That said, cosmetic dentistry has become quite common in recent years. But with the increased demand, there have come many myths surrounding the procedures. In this blog, we will debunk myths surrounding the cosmetic procedure, veneers. Hopefully, learning facts about the treatment will help you in your decision making.

Veneers Look Unnatural

When choosing a cosmetic dental procedure, it is always wise to choose a procedure that looks as natural as possible. People love natural things, and if your enhanced smile does not look natural, you might get despised. Luckily, all cosmetic procedures look natural, and veneers are no different.

Veneers match the shape and color of your teeth. They function like natural teeth, and they are easy to maintain. The only reason a dental veneer will look unnatural is if a patient has had gum recession after the treatment. The recession may expose the enamel, which is possibly stained.

A veneer may not have a natural look if the patient fails to take proper care of his/her teeth. If you fail to maintain proper oral hygiene, your veneers will get damaged within a short time, making the treatment seem unnatural.

Veneers Break Easily

Some people have been convinced that veneers are fragile, and they break with the application of the slightest force. They believe that they will need to change their diet and take only soft foods. That’s not the case, though.

Veneers are made of strong material, porcelain. Porcelain is stain-resistant and can last for up 20 years if you take proper care of it. The good thing is it is not hard to maintain, so you should not be worried.

The Procedure is Too Expensive

While choosing a cosmetic procedure, you should always consider the cost. If an option is above your price range, you should consider getting another one. Some people have been convinced that veneers are too costly and are not worth the price. Well, that’s not the case.

Veneers are not too expensive, and they are always worth the price. The procedure will transform your smile, which will boost your confidence. If you weigh the cost and the benefits the procedure comes with, you will agree that it is worth it. Talk to us if you require a dentist in Scottsdale.

Anyone Can Get Veneers

Thousands of people are enjoying the benefits of veneers, but that does not anyone can use them. You should always talk to the dentist to confirm if you are a perfect candidate for the procedure.

If you have gum disease or any other dental infection, the dentist may advise you to wait until you are all healed up. In most cases, you will get the veneer after healing. Please continue maintaining proper oral hygiene after getting veneers to reduce the risk of them failing.

Veneer Procedure is Too Painful

Dental procedures are never painful, and the veneer procedure is no different. You can even get a veneer even if you have a severely decayed tooth, thanks to sedation. You may not even need to be sedated to get a veneer. The procedure is majorly painless, and it is not too invasive.

They Require Special Care

Veneers are as easy to care for as your natural teeth. You won’t need to change your care routine. Just keep on brushing your teeth at least twice a day, floss daily, and visit the dentist every six months. In fact, veneers can make your routine easier if you got them to fix crooked teeth.

They Are Only for Front Teeth

In most cases, veneers are used for visible teeth since they are aesthetic. However, that does not mean they cannot be used for back teeth. The procedure is quite versatile and can be used for crooked, discolored, and broken teeth regardless of a tooth’s location in the mouth.

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