7 facts about Wisdom Tooth Extraction

7 facts about Wisdom Tooth Extraction

August 27, 2018

Wisdom tooth extraction, while unpleasant, can sometimes be inevitable. Here is all you need to know about the procedure:

1.It is a standard dental procedure.

According to statistics, roughly 10 million molars are removed annually in the US.Wisdom tooth extraction involves the removal of one or more of your third molars- the upper and lower teeth at the back of your mouth. They are the last teeth to erupt: usually between the ages of 17 and 25. Most people have four molars, but some have more or none at all.

2.A wisdom tooth can cause severe oral health issues.

Wisdom teeth, especially when impacted can cause cyst, tumors, and infections, which if left untreated might damage vital organs. Fully erupted wisdom tooth can be problematic too because of their hard-to-access location which makes proper cleaning difficult.

3.Wisdom teeth problems can be without symptoms.

Some wisdom teeth issues can exist without symptoms. Thus it’s necessary that you have your wisdom teeth checked periodically.

4.Wisdom tooth extraction is tolerable.

Wisdom tooth extraction is done while you’re under anesthesia – local, sedation, or general – depending on the complexity of your case. Therefore, you’ll feel no pain during the procedure.

5.It’s wise to remove wisdom tooth early.

Dental professionals agree that the best time to remove wisdom tooth is during the teenage years and twenties – when it hasn’t developed fully. There are fewer risks of complications and faster recovery.

6.Fun post-surgery care.

You’re restricted to a soft diet after the procedure, including cold treats like yogurt, ice cream, and smoothies. These cold treats also help lessen pain and swelling. Your dentist can also place you on pain medication.

7.You can speed up recovery.

Avoid strenuous physical activities, sucking on straws and smoking to help you recover faster after the extraction. Also, brush the area close to the extraction with extra care.Wisdom tooth extraction is critical to your oral health. There’s no need for you to panic when faced with the procedure. Just remember these 7 points and consider it a boon for your overall health.

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