5 Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening Treatments

5 Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening Treatments

August 17, 2020

Everyone desires a bright smile. Professional teeth whitening services at Mercado Dental can help you achieve that. You don’t have to struggle to figure out whether you are fit for the services; the experts will help you out.

Scottsdale dentists offer myriad teeth whitening options to solve your discoloration problems. You are, therefore, not locked out discussing your preference with our experts. The best part is that you can rely on dental experts to ensure they come up with a treatment that is tailored to your needs and preferences.

What Is Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment?

It is a process of making the teeth appear whiter than they are, by bleaching the enamel of teeth, as the main approach. The process utilizes whitening products that are effective at breaking stains, leaving the teeth brighter than they were.

What makes professional teeth whitening stand out is the quality of products and tools used. Ideally, the whitening products used contain one of two tooth bleaches; hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide This way, the decision to use a whitening product over another varies significantly depending on the nature of the stain.

What Are the Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment?

Many patients in need of teeth whitening services in dentistry in Scottsdale AZ come up with concerns over whether or not a professional service would suffice, having that there are other alternatives away from dental facilities. Despite how convenient the other options might seem, getting in touch with a professional dentist is worth the chase. Some of the overriding benefits of this are:

  • Safety – one of the things that should worry you about whitening your teeth from some should be matters of safety. Finding the right brands of whitening products and figuring out the appropriate time to keep them on your teeth is in itself an overwhelming task. The biggest risk is that you can damage the enamel of your teeth by corroding it with overuse and misuse of belching agents. Professional teeth whitening, however, is the best option to seize. It is unlikely for a professional dentist to err in a procedure they have done over time. Their knowledge, skills, and experience give them an upper hand. Besides, dentists will ensure that even your gums are shielded from the whitening products, to keep them healthy.
  • Immediate results – every patient that is after a cosmetic result for their teeth is always looking for a quick result. Unfortunately, this is not usually the case with the treatments you do at home. The products and tools used professionally for this treatment work faster and effectively. Ideally, by the time you are leaving the dental office, your teeth will already be brighter and whiter than they were when you came in.
  • A boost in oral hygiene – plaque and tartar play a big role in tooth discoloration. Unless they are removed and your teeth well cleaned, you may not quite see the results you desire. Professional teeth whitening procedures include a tooth cleaning session, which helps remove any plaque and tartar before teeth are whitened.
  • Custom-fitting whitening trays – having what works best for you equates to better results. When whitening trays are used, a customized fit is better when it comes to a proper fit, as opposed to an immediate whitening tray. The differences will also be noted in the final result. Since the trays fit properly, they allow the whitening product to work optimally for desirable results.
  • The longevity of the results – one thing that may not work for you with over-the-counter products for whitening teeth is longevity. Since teeth whitening is not a treatment you should be having every couple of weeks, it makes sense that you would opt for a treatment that lasts long. Professional teeth whitening treatment will keep your smile white for between 6 months to a year before you need another procedure. This is far much better than the alternative of 1 to 3 months.


Trying to figure out everything on your own might be hectic when it comes to dental health. Instead of daring to take a risk of whitening your teeth at home, how about you try out a professional approach that assures you of perfectly whitened teeth?

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